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How to Choose a Rescue when Adopting a Dog

Are you planning to adopt a dog in 2017?  Just like when choosing a breeder, it is important to choose a reputable rescue or shelter facility from which to adopt your new family member.  Unfortunately, with the proliferation of online advertising and the trend towards foster-based animal rescues, scam artists exist that try to take advantage of unsuspecting adopters.  Listed here are tips for how to choose a rescue or shelter when adopting a dog. Can Meet the Animal Beforehand Never agree to adopt a dog without being able to meet him or her beforehand.  As crazy as it may seem, a non-reputable rescue may try and talk you into adopting the dog, sight unseen.  If you have resident animals, expect to be able to introduce them to the potential adoptee before signing any agreements. Explains Pricing The average adoption price for a dog from a rescue or shelter is...
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Common Reasons Owners Rehome Their Dogs

The number of dogs relinquished to animal shelters or rehomed through sites such as Craigslist is staggering.  Even worse, many of the dogs that do get adopted wind up bouncing from home to home until one sticks.  Many adopters have unrealistic expectations regarding canine ownership.  Listed here are the most common reasons owners rehome their pets. Breed Specific Legislation Unfortunately, many areas in the United States, Canada, and Europe do not allow certain breeds, primarily pit bulls.  Commonly, people bring home pit bulls without considering future plans of relocating.  Then, when it comes time to move, they are unable to find housing that allows pitties, or the breed is banned entirely from the community.  Before adopting a dog, make sure the breed is compatible with any relocations you are intending to make in the next 10 – 15 years. Too Much Work Another reason dogs are relinquished is because the...
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The  American  Pitbull  Terrier-­Adopting  

There  are  so  many  dogs  waiting  for  a  forever  home.  The  best  place  to  get  a  dog  is  an  animal  shelter.  Especially  the  American  Pit  Bull  Terrier.  You  may  be  thinking  different  things  as  you  see  that  name,  like  they  are  scary  or  they  are  a  very  bad  breed.  First  of  all,  a  pit  bull  is  not  a  breed,  and  secondly  pit  bulls  are  only  bad  if  they  are  raised  a  badly.  However,  sheltered  pit  bulls  have  been  know  to  love  a  person  even  after  they’ve  been  through  a  rough  life  in  the  past. Adopting Adopting  a  pit  bull  or  any  dog  can  be  rewarding  for  you  and  your  dog.  The  pit  bull  will  have  a  lot  of  personality  traits,  and  since  it’s  been  in  a  shelter  it  was  most  likely  abused,  abandoned,  or  used  for  dog  fighting  which  sometimes  can  bring  up  aggressiveness  in  the  dog.  A  pit  bull ...
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