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Dogs vs. Moles: Digging Season has Begun

Not only do digging dogs destroy the yard [say that 5 times fast!], but they also track a huge mess into the house.  Warmer weather has brought small critters – such as moles – out of hibernation, which many dog breeds lover to hunt.  Listed here are ways to keep moles out of your yard. Why Do Dogs Dig for Moles? There are many reasons that dogs dig in the yard, including boredom, attention-seeking, warm weather relief, and in search of small animals.  If your dog is a terrier of any type, however, chances are that your dog is seeking small rodents.  After all, many terriers were specifically bred for rodent-control, and certain breeds (such as the Jack Russell Terrier), were developed for controlling mole problems. Thanks to your dog’s keen sense of smell and hearing, your dog will likely detect the presence of a mole long before it makes...
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How to Stop a Dog From Digging

Dogs are great, and we love them. But one difficult behavior to control is digging; especially if your dogs has separation anxiety and is left home alone during the day while you are at work or school. They key to controlling digging is to understand digging from your dog’s point of view. Why are they digging? It may be for entertainment (dogs get bored when left alone) or it may be because they are after a critter of some kind. Burrowing animals are irresistible for a dog. Stop them, and the digging will stop. Here are some ideas: Gopher Proof Your Yard:  Burrowing animals, like gophers are very hard to kill. They are elusive and smart, making them even more irresistible for dogs. One way to stop digging is to make your yard inaccessible to these critters. The first thing is to scare the gophers away for a few days...
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