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Belly Bands and Diapers For Dogs; What Is Their True Purpose?

There are many types of Belly Bands and diapers available on the market. Some stylish and other disposable. Just check out the selection on Amazon here, there is over a thousand to choose from. Some may laugh at the thought of a doggy diaper while others may see it as a quick fix for a dog with poor potty habits.  The truth is, belly bands and diapers are not meant to be used for potty training at all!  In fact, far too many pet owners misuse these items as a training tool or a band aid for a lack of house training instead of tackling the problem head on.  It is the root of the problem, the dog not understanding that he must eliminate in a designated place, that causes potty problems and using an item to simply allow him to go where ever he wants or needs will only...
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