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Designer Breeds: Everything you Need to Know

A growing subset of dog breeds is the so-called “designer dog,” which comprises a mix of two popular breeds.  A recent trend, for instance, is to mix everything with a poodle, to produce some sort of “doodle” dog.  The pros, cons, and a few common designer breeds are discussed. Benefits of Owning a Designer Dog Designer dogs are “in” right now, which means there is more of a supply than ever before.  Options for choosing your dog are diverse, and designer breeds are certainly adorable.  In some instances, a designer dog may cause fewer health problems for someone who experiences allergies.  Additionally, diversity of the dog’s gene pool likely means a healthier animal, as the risk of genetic disease is significantly lower in mixed breeds. Disadvantages of Designer Dogs The disadvantages of designer dogs are equally numerous.  There is less controllability in the genetics of a mixed breed dog.  For...
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