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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can benefit from using food as medicine.  One of the most popular nutritional supplements that can be found in any grocery store is coconut oil.  The benefits of coconut oil for dogs will be discussed here. What is Coconut Oil? Coconut oil is derived directly from the coconut through a pressing process.  Coconut meat is pressed to extrude the oil, which contains a high amount of healthy acids, vitamins, and minerals.  Most notably, 90% of the fats in coconut oil are comprised of medium chain triglycerides, which have “superfood” health benefits. What are the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs? Shiny Coat If your dog has a dull coat, coconut oil can be applied directly to your dog’s fur as a natural leave-in conditioner.  Alternatively, coconut oil contains beneficial acids, such as lauric acid, that can naturally improve your dog’s skin and coat condition. Healthy Skin...
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5 Supplements for Dogs Found in Any Kitchen

Food has long been considered medicine in many cultures, but only recently have physicians and veterinarians begun to study the effects of foods on humans and dogs in the United States.  Some of the best cures for common canine ailments are likely already in your kitchen cupboard.  Five of the best foods for dogs – and their uses – are described below. Turmeric This bright yellow spice has been shown slow down the proliferation of cancer cells in both humans and dogs.  The effect is so powerful that when used in conjunction with chemotherapy cancer cell growth can be stopped completely.  Turmeric also has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in pets, as well.  One way to provide turmeric to your pet is through a paste, which can be made by bringing 2 cups of water to a boil with ½ cup of turmeric powder.  After the water and...
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