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Is a Cocker Spaniel Right for You?

Cocker Spaniels enjoyed a surge of popularity in the United States in the late 1950’s thanks to Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.  Since then, the Cocker Spaniel has remained among the 30 most popular breeds in the United States.  Is a Cocker Spaniel right for you? Temperament The temperament of a well-bred Cocker Spaniel can be described as happy, intelligent, and gentle.  This breed is a well-known family dog thanks to its loyal, trusting nature and friendly, playful personality.  While a Cocker Spaniel will bark to alert you that someone is at the front door, these sweet dogs would rather lick an intruder to death than serve as a vicious guard dog. Size, Coloring, and Upkeep Cocker Spaniels are well-known for their small size, soft coat, and long, dangling ears.  Female Cockers should stand 13.5’’ – 14.5’’ tall at the shoulder, while males stand 14.5’’ – 15.5’’ tall.  Both sexes...
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