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Is a Christmas Puppy Right for You?

Every year puppies delight children on Christmas morning with their soft fur, playful spirit, and adorable antics.  However, come February many shelters receive an influx of 4 – 6 month old dogs that turned out to be too much work.  Should you gift your friends or family members with a puppy? Reconsider if… Your Child/Spouse Asked for One If you are rushing to find a puppy this month simply because you overheard your son or daughter beg the mall Santa for a dog, reconsider.  One reason that puppies should not be placed under the Christmas tree is that children should never think of them as toys. You Have not Considered Costs Involved Oftentimes, people who give puppies as gifts do not calculate the additional costs involved.  By many estimates, the first year of dog ownership totals $1,000 – $2,000, assuming no emergency medical costs are incurred.  Christmas is not the...
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