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How to Choose a Veterinarian for your Dog

The health care we provide our pets is important, whether as a preventative measure or during time of emergency.  One of the fundamental pillars of dog ownership is keeping our pets healthy, and doing so requires finding the best health care possible.  How to choose a veterinarian is described here. Ask for Recommendations The first step in understanding how to choose a veterinarian is to ask for recommendations.  Seek advice from other dog owners, employees at the local pet store, and animal rescues or shelters.  At the very least, these resources can tell you which veterinarians to avoid. Check Accreditations Next, check the accreditations of the veterinarians you are considering.  Look to see that their website carries the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) logo, which means the veterinarian has voluntarily chosen to hold him- or herself (as well as equipment and staff) to the highest standards. If you are looking...
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