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Is a Chinese Crested Dog Right for You?

Little dogs are all the rage this year, especially for apartment-dwellers or those who are not athletically inclined.  A toy breed that once was nearly extinct, the popularity of Chinese Crested dogs has continued to grow.  Is a Chinese Crested right for you? Temperament Chinese Crested dogs are affectionate, loving animals due to their history as a companion breed.  They are loyal and alert, yet also spirited and playful.  Due to their tendency to form strong bonds with their owners, Chinese Crested dogs can be prone to separation anxiety and may struggle with time alone. Size, Coloring, and Upkeep There are two types of Chinese Crested dogs:  Powderpuff and Hairless.  The Powderpuff variety has long, soft hair that can sometimes be high maintenance.  The Hairless version can either be completely hairless from head to tail, or be “hairy hairless” with hair on face, tail, and legs.  Hairless dogs require skincare...
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