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A Pouch for Your Pooch? Buying a Dog Carrier

A lot’s been written about the benefits of a dog carrier backpack. We’ve seen the evolution from teaching your dogs to heel, to taking them into the supermarket (surreptitiously), to carrying them in baby strollers, to carrying them on your back. Why would a person want to carry a dog like a baby? Besides the obvious reasons of wanting to have your furry companion with you 24/7 for the sheer joy of unconditional love, let’s look at some other possible benefits of a dog carrier or a dog backpack. 1. Your lame dog. If you’ve ever had the experience of caring for a lame dog, you know what it is to suffer disappointment or even heartbreak. I’ll never forget when my dog Bailey started to lose the use of his back legs. He had been a victim of abuse and neglect, and after he served in a court case as...
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