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Can Dogs Drink Milk? The Answer May Surprise You!

We’ve heard it from our veterinarians, family members, friends and neighbors. Milk is harmful to dogs, right? The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no, and the choice to give your dog milk should be an educated decision that we make for our pets. Balance the pros and cons carefully before letting your dog have his own bowl of dairy. SO lets find out together the answer to “can dogs drink milk”. My Dog Drank Milk, This Is Dangerous, Right? Not necessarily. Giving your dog cow’s milk does carry it’s own risks of causing tummy upset due to the lactose. In cow milk, fat is actually a large globule that causes bloat, cramping and discomfort even in humans when we drink it. These large globules of fat is what makes cow’s milk so hard to digest, taking up to 24 hours to get through the human’s system!...
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