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Reasons Your Dog is Having Accidents in the House

One of the most frustrating occurrences for a pet owner is to have an otherwise potty-trained dog begin having accidents in the house.  In fact, potty problems are one of the top reasons that dogs are returned to shelters or re-homed.  Here, reasons your dog is having accidents in the house will be discussed.   Stubborn Proteins If your dog is having accidents in the house in the same spot each time, the most likely reason is that the area has not been adequately cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner.  Dog urine contains proteins that act as a “calling card” to your dog’s nose.  Until those proteins are removed, your dog will continue to do his or her business in that location.  To remove stubborn proteins, use a cleaner that is specifically formulated for destroying these enzymes, such as Nature’s Miracle. Underlying Medical Condition Medical problems such as urinary tract infections,...
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