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Is Cephalexin Safe For Dogs?

The internet is rife with conflicting opinions as to the safety of Cephalexin use in dogs. Some websites have branded the drug dangerous to pets because of the potential side effects. So is this common antibiotic safe for your dog? The answer is: Maybe yes, maybe no. Cephalexin is not a veterinary developed drug, so it is widely available on the human market. It is typically prescribed in 250 mg or 500 mg capsules. It is also available in a 250 mg tablet that can potentially be split into halves or fourths for smaller children or pets. These pills are not scored and have a thick outer coating so cutting the pills into smaller doses does not guarantee even distribution of the drug throughout the pieces. The therapeutic uses of Cephalexin in dogs are similar to those in humans. Urinary tract infections and wounds/ infections of the skin top the...
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Dog Bandanas: Share Your Style With Your Best Friend!

Last year, Americans spent a record $56 billion on their pets according to CBS News. This year that number is expected to reach $60 billion. While vet bills, food and other necessities are included in that number, you may be shocked to learn just how much we spend primping our pets. In 2014 $330 million was spent on pet Halloween costumes alone! We see our pooches as extensions of our own personal style. Dogs belongings to bikers tend to wear Harley Davidson collars, leather jackets and visor caps. Purse pups are dressed as accessories to their extravagant owners’ outfits, and can be seen sporting matching gowns and rhinestones. Most of us take a less extreme approach to mirroring our style onto our pets. Consumers have incredible options for collar, leash, and harness styles ranging from sports themes to interchangeable holiday motifs. Crafters have answered the demand for doggy design with...
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