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7 Commands Every Dog Must Know

 Training your dog is not just a matter of him or her having good house manners – it can also mean the difference between life and death.  The seven most important commands to teach your dog, as well as tips for training, are discussed below. Sit Why is “sit” such an important command?  When your dog is getting ready to jump on a new person that walks into your home, asking for “sit” can keep all four of your dog’s feet on the ground.  In addition, by utilizing “sit” as a pre-requisite for other daily rewards, such as going outside or having the food bowl set down at dinner time, this simple command can create a well-behaved dog. Stay Not only can “stay” be useful during an unexpected situation (such as a broken dish in the kitchen), teaching your dog how to stay also reinforces independence.  Dogs with a strong...
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Rules for New Dog Owners

Pet ownership has an entirely different set of rules and responsibilities beyond simply caring for the animal.  An often overlooked part of owning a pet is the way in which dog and owner interact with the world around them.  Listed below are five rules of etiquette that all dog owners should follow in order to avoid conflict and be good citizens. Always Ask Before An Introduction When approaching an unfamiliar dog while out on a walk, always ask the other dog’s owner if it is okay for your pet to say hello.  Just because your dog is friendly does not mean that the other person’s dog enjoys the company of other canines, as well.  If you are using a retractable leash, shorten the lead and lock it in place, as the other dog may perceive a pet with more freedom as a threat. Always Keep Your Dog On-Leash Even if...
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Breed-Specific Legislation: Pet Owners and BSL

  With the Montreal pit bull ban making national news in the United States, owners of pit bulls and other “bully” breeds should be made aware of the existing laws within the US. What is BSL? Breed-specific legislation legally allows a city to ban or restrict dog breeds that are considered “dangerous,” based solely on their looks.  For example, a municipality may place a ban on a specific breed, typically Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rotweilers, and Wolf hybrids.  With a ban in place, existing dogs from the banned breed are heavily restricted, often requiring muzzles in public, steep licensing fees, and the purchase of additional liability insurance.  Any new dogs that come into the community of the banned breed must be euthanized when these bans are in place.  In other instances, BSL may simply be in the form of restrictions, where owners wishing to own a dog on the banned breed...
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