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Potty Training Your Puppy

Whether you are living on a vast farm, with plenty of outdoor space for your dog to roam, or in a small apartment with limited outdoor access, potty training is one of the first and most vital milestones for your puppy. It is impossible to know, when you first bring your puppy home, how easy or difficult the process is going to be. Luckily, we have a full set of instructions and tips to ease the process for both you and Fido. The most important step is to not get frustrated and give up! Remember that your pup just wants to please you, and until you make it clear how exactly he can do that, he too will be frustrated and confused. Step One: Establish the potty-zone This might be the entirety of your yard, or one small corner of the yard. Either way, establish early on the appropriate area...
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The Doggy Chill Pill: How to settle your pup when you have guests

When dogs encounter a stressful situation, such as having company over, they get wild. From a dog’s point of view, these are either “intruders” or friends that cam to play. Eventually, by following your body language, dogs will calm down when new people come over. But for that 30 minutes or so, it can be embarrassing, irritating and sometimes dangerous. Another reason these type of “chill pills” are used is for separation anxiety if your dog chews on everything when you leave the house. What can be done? The first thing to emphasize is that no kind of human prescription drug should be given to a dog without a vet’s assurance that it is safe. Further, no vet worth her degree will prescribe a tranquilizer for day-to-day events like having company. They are too strong and risky. The good news is there are several products on the market than can...
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