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Dog Barking: Why It Is Not Always a Bad Thing

Barking dogs have become so synonymous with danger that owners will often get nervous just hearing their hound let off a yip. In reality, dogs bark for a myriad of reasons, only one of which being when they feel threatened. It is how they communicate, not only with each other, but also with you. For example, my dogs always bark when I get home from work. It is how they show excitement and recognition. Greeting Barking As with my dogs, many dogs will bark as a greeting. If you take your dog to a dog park, for example, you will see dogs barking at each other in a very non-threatening way. They are just saying hello and acknowledging one another. Dogs may bark when friends or strangers come up to the house (keep in mind that they cannot always immediately tell which is which), or even just in excitement seeing...
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Welcome New Dog Owners

Welcome to NewDogOwners.com! A site where new dog owners can learn what to expect with new puppies and how to teach them the rules of your home. Many people get puppies not fully understanding how much work they really are and many (way to many) get rid of dogs within weeks of bringing them into their home. This hurts everyone involved and can give that dog issues with getting close to people and even worse, ending up at the pound, just to be put down. We are here to hopefully help you with the new member of your family and to cut down on how many dogs are given up on and passed from home to home. Plan ahead and make sure your are ready for a new dog Many people decide they want, and go out and get a new dog without much thought. This can be one of...
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