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Is a Weimaraner Right for You?

Weimaraners are noble dogs, best known for their history as large game hunters among German nobility.  Their unique coloring and soulful eyes makes them a popular choice among dog owners; but, is a Weimaraner right for you? Temperament As a dog from the sporting group, the Weimaraner is stereotypically obedient and friendly, while also bold and fearless.  This breed is highly energetic, thanks to its background in hunting large game such as boar and bear.  Like most dogs bred to work closely with humans, the Weimaraner is also very affectionate, almost to a fault.  Weimaraners are highly prone to developing separation anxiety, and often struggle when left alone. Size, Coloring, and Upkeep Weimaraners are large dogs, typically topping out at 82 lbs for males and 71 lbs for females.  They are known for their uniquely colored coat, which can be blue, grey, or silver grey.  Their eyes are light in...
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