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Is Your Dog Hydrated: What Dog Owners Need to Know about Hydration

This is not enough water for your dog Water is essential for good health, yet many dogs are chronically dehydrated.  Here, everything a dog owner needs to know about dehydration and dogs will be discussed.  Why is Hydration for Dogs Important? Adequate hydration is necessary for all mammals because it aids in nutrient transport and absorption, proper digestion and metabolism, and body temperature regulation.  Dogs that are dehydrated can suffer serious health problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, heat stroke, heart failure, kidney disease, seizures, and death.  How do Dogs Become Dehydrated? Unlike humans, dogs are unable to carry a water bottle with them for easy hydration throughout the day.  Instead, they must wait for times when cool, clean water is available (Amazon carries some nice dog water bottles that can be found here).  Additional factors that affect hydration include climate, body size and shape, coat condition, age, pre-existing health conditions,...
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Walking The Dog: Is It Really Just Walking?

So your alarm clock wakes you up at six a.m. You decide to open your eyes and the first thing you see is your dog, staring at you while waving his tail with excitement. He’s waiting for you and you know he won’t wait much longer; you better take him out… You put on your robe and shoes, grab his leash and walk towards the front door. When you open the door, your heart misses a beat: it’s dark and freezing cold, the wind is so strong your and it’s raining in a way that would make Noah cry in despair. Well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do… Okay, After all, your dog needs to pee! Okay, this may be a little over the top but I’m sure you get my point. For most people, walking the dog may feel like this! It can be seen as...
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