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My Dog Is Afraid of The Vet: 6 Tips That Work

This is extremely common. Most dogs are afraid of the vet and this happens due to a number of reasons. Unfortunately, the vast majority of veterinarian professionals have had little or no education on dog behavior. As a consequence, they fail to notice the subtle signs of fear and stress that end up escalating into aggression a few months later. Everything starts to fall apart right at the first visit, when the dog is still a young puppy. The first time he goes to the vet, he feels scared and uncomfortable; then, he is taken into a room where a strange person touches him and invades his personal space. That weird person places a thermometer in his booty, opens his mouth, grabs his ears and, in the end, stabs a needle into his skin! By the time the puppy is leaving, he already hates the vet. I mean, who wouldn’t?...
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Doggie Dialogue: Making Vet Visits More Manageable

For many dogs, visiting the veterinarian can be stressful, or even downright terrifying! Our furry friends have no way of understanding what’s going on, after all, and not only are they introduced to unfamiliar smells, sounds, people and animals, but sometimes they have to undergo procedures that might be startling or even uncomfortable for them. It’s no wonder that so many pets hate the vet! Unfortunately, though we might just want to give in and avoid the vet altogether, regular health care is important for your dog, and it might be needful for your dog’s doctor to administer a medication or perform a physical examination on your pup. Teaching your dog to stay calm at the vet’s office is an important skill that benefits every dog – and owner, too! First, you want to start by establishing a positive, consistent and trusting relationship with your dog. A close bond will...
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