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8 Tips To Help With Dog Shedding

Unwanted hair at homes is one of the biggest challenges that pet owners do face. It does not matter the breed or age, nearly every dog sheds. Virtually all dogs will shed hair, but of course, there are breeds that definitely have more hair and undercoat, and this will make them shed in larger quantities. It’s quite impossible to stop a dog from shedding hair in totality, but we can still help in reducing the quantity of hair loss, and also aid the effective removal of the hair so that it wouldn’t keep serving as a source of problem in our homes. Basically, animals shed in order to get rid of extra, damaged or old hair. In the winter, animals grow a thick coat which serve as a means of insulation for them, and then, shed the extra hair in the summer. Broken and damaged hair are also shed by...
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Review: Does the FURminator Really Work?

Everyone loves their dogs like family, but not necessarily the fur that comes with owning a dog. Many dog owners feel that they are constantly brushing their dogs, vacuuming and sweeping their homes, and still this is not enough to combat the massive amounts of hair throughout their home. Some opt for so called hypoallergenic breeds such as Poodles or the Bichon Frise which do not shed nearly as much as most dogs, however these particular breeds are not for everyone. If this sounds familiar, than you might want to invest in a FURminator DeShedding Tool. The FURminator is a grooming tool that was created by Angie Porter, a professional pet groomer, whose quest to find a quality, invaluable tool to deal with dog shedding ended with her creating one of the most coveted brush on the market. They have now expanded to also include a large variety of grooming...
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