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10 Most Poisonous Plants for Dogs

Indoor and outdoor plants are common in most homes thanks to improved air quality and aesthetically pleasing colors and shapes.  However, many common houseplants are poisonous to pets, and should be kept out of reach of animals.  Some of the most poisonous plants – along with their symptoms – are described below. Aloe Vera Aloe is typically kept in the kitchen as a quick, natural remedy in case of burns.  However, if your dog happens to eat a leaf of this plant, beware that he or she will experience gastrointestinal distress such as vomiting and diarrhea. Autumn Crocus Not to be confused with the spring crocus variety which is only mildly toxic to pets, the Autumn Crocus is poisonous and can lead to vomiting, bleeding in the GI tract, organ failure, and respiratory distress. Azalea These pretty pink flowers are extremely toxic to dogs, and even the ingestion of one...
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