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Microchip For Dogs: Is It Worth It?

Nearly every rescue, shelter, and even ethical breeders microchip every dog before it leaves their care. What about dogs who are adopted through a classified ad or just aren’t microchipped? Is it worth it to you, to your pet, and your wallet to have a microchipped placed under his skin and then activated?  When stories emerge from the web about lost dogs being found states away from their home, it may seem like some kind of miracle. Such as the case of Corbin, who’s family lives in Texas. He dug a hole from under his family’s backyard fence. Four days later a dog in an Ohio shelter was scanned for a microchip after coming in. Lo and behold, it was Corbin! He was found 1, 100 miles away!  It is the microchip system that made a homecoming for the lost pooch possible. The Purpose of the Microchip Some pet lovers...
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