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Apartment Living with Your Dog

Not all breeds are well-suited to living in small spaces.  Some dogs, such as Siberian Huskies or German Shorthaired Pointers, require room to roam and excessive exercise.  However, circumstances can change, leaving you with the options of rehoming your beloved dog or making a less-than-ideal situation work.  Listed below are tips for keeping the peace with your landlord and neighbors. Crate Training Especially if your dog is prone to destruction when bored, a crate can be your best bet for ensuring your dog is well-behaved while you are away.  A crated dog is also less likely to bark throughout the day, meaning no complaints from your neighbors when you return home. Extra Exercise A tired dog is a happy dog, so extra exercise for your pet is necessary if cohabiting with a high-energy breed in an apartment.  Go for an extra long walk in the morning and in the evening,...
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