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5 Signs Your Dog May Be Overweight

Approximately 80% of UK vets have described an increase in dog obesity. While most owners are aware of the health risks of dog obesity, only up to 30% of owners admit that their own dog is overweight. To keep your dog in their best shape, here are 5 signs your dog may be overweight. 1.      No visible waist Start by standing over your dog and look down to their waist. Every dog, no matter the breed, should have an hourglass shape, even if it is very slight. Look for a tuck behind the ribs and hips. If you cannot see any clear tuck, then your dog is likely overweight. If there isn’t just an absent tuck, but the waistline projects outwards, then your dog is certainly obese. 2.      Missing abdomen tuck Now, observe your dog from the side. Like the waistline, the abdomen should tuck upwards towards the spine. If...
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Starting Off On The Right Paw: 13 Types of Dog Food

You have found your new forever dog, a puppy or perhaps a mature dog needing a good home.  I would like to encourage a whole new set of supplies just for your new family member.  One of the very first considerations is the type of food you will be feeding your new dog.  A brief look at the grocery store may suggest dry dog food or wet canned food, simple choice right? There are actually thirteen variations of food that you may choose from.  For many, cost may be limiting in which one you end up choosing.  I would like to run through the list from worst to best options. 13.  Table scraps from human food, with no order or consistency.  This can be raw or cooked foods from your meals and can lead to poor nutritional health for your dog. 12.  Semi-wet pouch food.  The preservatives used to keep...
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Only 5 Calories Per Dog Treat: A Good Option for Maintaining Your Dog’s Weight

If you like to spoil your new dog with treats… …I can relate and understand. Though, I’ve learned too many calories from dog treats add up and pack on the pounds. This happened to our beagle, Rocky. Rationally, weight gain from too many calories makes sense. But watching calories for dogs? It was a new idea to me at the time. This was a lesson I learned from a vet earlier on in Rocky’s life. When I met Matt (now my husband), he supported my desire to help Rocky get more fit. Rocky has since trimmed down and he celebrated 12 years of age this past summer. His weight still fluctuates a little. But Matt and I have a better understanding on how to help him and our other precious beagle, Daisey. One way to maintain a healthy weight for your dog is to watch how many treats your doggy...
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