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The Importance of Good Gut Health for your Dog

Increasing research has shown that good gut health is vitally important for all mammals.  Not only is the immune system housed in a dog’s gut, but healthy bacteria are responsible for emotional response, nutrient absorption, and digestion.  Here, everything a pet owner needs to know about a healthy gut and your pet will be discussed.  What Does Good Gut Health Mean? What does it mean to have a healthy gut in a dog?  The digestive system is filled with good and bad bacteria.  There are specific colonies of good bacteria, each with a specific job.  When those bacterial colonies are well-populated and balanced, the dog’s digestive and immune systems function properly.  However, when the bad bacteria outnumber the good, the dog can suffer many health consequences.   Signs of Poor Gut Health There are numerous signs that your dog’s gut health is not in tip-top shape.  These symptoms include: Allergies/itchy skin...
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Ready, Set, Play! Five FAQs about Dog Sports

Most of us love to play games with our dogs – fetch, ‘find the treat’, and hide and seek can be phenomenally fun things to do together. What about getting involved in a sport or activity with your furry friend, however? If your dog could speak, they’d probably be delighted to spend more time with you while being able to fully use the instincts and abilities they inherited from their canine ancestors. Dog sports are a fantastic way to keep your pup physically fit, but they also keep boredom at bay and can really help to enhance the bond that you share too. What if I don’t have a ‘sporty’ dog like a Border Collie? The great thing about dog sports is that there’s something for every breed and size of dog! Canine agility, flyball, and Rally obedience are all activities that allow dogs from Chihuahua size and up to...
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