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Starting Off On The Right Paw: An Adjustable Harness

You have gone and picked out your newest member of your family, congratulations! Now your puppy or mature dog will need some essentials before you pick them up for your journey home. The basics of bringing home a loyal four-legged friend: collar, leash and food bowl. No, I have not forgotten dog food either. That topic alone could have its own series of articles. As a dog owner, I would like to encourage anyone who has a small to medium sized breed to consider a harness in place of or in addition to a collar. There are a number of dog breeds that a collar is sufficient to hold them securely. Then there are some dogs that can slip a collar on occasion when they get excited and start wiggling around. For these dogs, I recommend a harness arrangement. My wife and I have found that our Beagles have adapted...
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