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Benefits of Group Dog Walking

Dogs, just like humans, require daily exercise in order to remain happy, healthy, and free from boredom. Important benefits of regular activity include improved circulation, disease prevention, reduced risk of obesity, socialization, bonding, and improved behavior. According to a 2014 study led by Purdue University, about 40% of Americans walk their dogs regularly. For these 40%, and the remaining 60% who do not make it outside for a daily walk, finding a group to walk with can help break up routines or provide necessary motivation. Dog walking groups can be found in nearly every city or town across the country. Breed enthusiasts, dog training facilities, local pet stores, and even animal rescue organizations organize daily, weekly, or monthly meet ups. Groups typically embark on hour-long walks along trails or bike paths, allowing dogs and humans to explore new areas of town and interact with new dogs and humans. The benefits...
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