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Food Bowl? Throw It To The Dogs!

Imagine this scenario: a first time dog owner is about to buy all the things his new puppy will need. He gets a doggy bed, a leash and a collar, some toys, a bag of dog food, a water bowl and… a food bowl.  This is the very first mistake people do. We don’t need food bowls and we certainly shouldn’t be using them. If your dog is eating from one of these horrible objects, throw it away! Confused? Let me explain. The dog’s ancestor spent most of his day scavenging and searching for food. When we look at animals in their natural habitat, we see that food-related activities tend to occupy a considerable amount of their time. When it comes to dogs, they’re not so different. According to some studies, when given the opportunity, most dogs will choose to work for their food instead of getting it all for...
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Starting Off On The Right Paw: 13 Types of Dog Food

You have found your new forever dog, a puppy or perhaps a mature dog needing a good home.  I would like to encourage a whole new set of supplies just for your new family member.  One of the very first considerations is the type of food you will be feeding your new dog.  A brief look at the grocery store may suggest dry dog food or wet canned food, simple choice right? There are actually thirteen variations of food that you may choose from.  For many, cost may be limiting in which one you end up choosing.  I would like to run through the list from worst to best options. 13.  Table scraps from human food, with no order or consistency.  This can be raw or cooked foods from your meals and can lead to poor nutritional health for your dog. 12.  Semi-wet pouch food.  The preservatives used to keep...
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Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Treats for Your Dog

There are two things which are concerning about dog treats. One is the list of ingredients. Of the entire list, about 3 to 4 are “real”; the rest are additives. Blick. The second is the fact that so many pet treats seem to be recalled for serious and fatal reasons. The last thing any of us need is to worry whether or not the treats we give our dogs will turn out to be a treatment! So, the solution is to make treats at home. Not only are they super easy, but they are healthy and inexpensive. Plus, your dog is likely the easiest person to cook for! Peanut butter is a favorite flavor and it is good for dogs. Peanut butter is filled with good fats, vitamin E and the B vitamins. Each of these lead to a healthy shiny coat, healthy joints and the list goes on and...
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