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Dog Click-It Sticks Review

Whether you are a dog trainer or simply owned by your pooch, target training is probably one of the very first things you would teach your canine. Nearly every professional animal trainer, whether they are teaching dolphins or Yorkies, understands the importance and convenience of targets. A target is simply an item that you ask your dog to touch with his nose. It typically only takes minutes for any dog to learn this behavior, and it can turn into teaching a service dog to turn on a light for his disabled handler or in teaching a dog to heel for an upcoming obedience competition. Target training is typically done with a stick, or your hand. The downside to both is that you are fumbling with your clicker, treat back, leash, and target all at once. This can cause a delay in rewarding your dog for performing the behavior you have...
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The Dog & New Baby; Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby

introducing dog to baby
Since we just had a beautiful new baby girl just last week, I thought it was a good time to write up how to introduce your dog to a new baby in the house. When the time comes to bring home your new baby, you will be excited and nervous all at the same time. One thing that may weigh heavily on your mind is how your dog may react. Will he be jealous and become aggressive to the infant? Will he be overly excited and accidentally injure the baby? How will you be able to control your dog and care care for a new child simultaneously? The answer is all in the preparation and control of introductions. Prepare Yourself & Your Dog In the weeks before you new baby’s arrival, you should prepare your dog with obedience training. Go beyond the simplicity of sit and stay, and work on...
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Shock Collars For Dogs, Everything You Need To Know About Them

If you are looking for information on shock collars for dogs, you have found the right place. Some swear against shock collars being used on dogs but if used in the correct way, they are a life saver. Is your dog defiant, know your command but doesn’t listen? Or are you field training your dog for hunting? We are going to go over everything you need to know about what I call dog electric training collars, it sounds much better than shock collars for dogs… We will go over: What these collars should be used for and what they should not be used for Different kinds of shock collars What to look for when buying one (they are not all created equally) My views of using them Tips on using the collars What they should be used for It is common sense why you are looking for a dog shock...
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