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How to Perform CPR on a Dog

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was first introduced in 1946.  Since then, countless human lives have been saved.  Did you know that you can perform CPR on a dog?  Knowing what to do if your dog is found without a heartbeat or is unable to breathe can save your pet’s life. Step 1:  Evaluate the Situation If you find that your dog is unresponsive, first assess his or her condition using the steps below.  In the meantime, have a friend or family member call your veterinarian.  The vet can provide support while you administer CPR on a dog, as well as prepare for your arrival at the clinic. Is your dog breathing? The first assessment you should make is to check whether your dog is breathing.  Look to see whether your pet’s chest is moving up and down.  An alternative method is to feel for air being passed through the nose or...
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