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Dog Training 101: Teaching Your Dog Recall

Teaching your dog recall (i.e. to come when called) is one of the most important lessons your pet can learn.  A rock solid recall can literally mean the difference between life and death, particularly if your dog escapes the house or breaks free of his collar.  Tips for teaching recall are described here. Low Distraction The first step is to start training your dog in a low-distraction area, such as a spare bedroom.  Do not attempt recall in the yard or at the park until your dog has mastered coming when called in the house.  Place a leash on your pet, ask your dog to sit, and then walk backwards (still holding the leash), while saying “come” and holding a treat.  When your dog reaches you, give your pet profuse praise. Make Recall Fun Once your dog has learned the meaning of “come,” take to the outdoors and turn recall...
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7 Commands Every Dog Must Know

 Training your dog is not just a matter of him or her having good house manners – it can also mean the difference between life and death.  The seven most important commands to teach your dog, as well as tips for training, are discussed below. Sit Why is “sit” such an important command?  When your dog is getting ready to jump on a new person that walks into your home, asking for “sit” can keep all four of your dog’s feet on the ground.  In addition, by utilizing “sit” as a pre-requisite for other daily rewards, such as going outside or having the food bowl set down at dinner time, this simple command can create a well-behaved dog. Stay Not only can “stay” be useful during an unexpected situation (such as a broken dish in the kitchen), teaching your dog how to stay also reinforces independence.  Dogs with a strong...
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