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How To Go Camping With Your Dog

Camping with a pet is a favorite pastime for many people.  However, there is more to camping with your dog than simply showing up to a campground, dog in tow.  Here, everything you need to know about camping with your dog will be discussed.   Choosing a Campground The first step is to choose a campground.  Even though it seems obvious that dogs would be allowed at every camp site, you should always double check to ensure that rules have not changed.  Many state parks, for instance, do not allow four-legged friends.   After you have double checked that dogs are, in fact, allowed on-site, know the rules and regulations.  If you plan to allow your dog to join you for off-leash hikes, make sure dogs are allowed off-leash in that area.  No matter how well-behaved your dog, it is imperative that you follow the posted ordinances.   Finally, consider...
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Dog Tents

Most dog owners absolutely love their dogs but are at a loss at where to have them stay the night when they are camping in a tent. Tents that are made for humans usually end up being too crowded to include a dog and when it’s raining and storming who wants a wet and muddy dog in the tent where you sleep and keep your clothes. We love our dogs and if we had some other solution for camping with them we would take it. Now we do. Dog tents are the latest innovation in camping with your pets. Dog tents are similar to the tents designed for humans but they are at a reduced size. Like with human tents dog tents have metal poles that hold them up and have a zip up or otherwise securable front door. In the back side there is a whole so that you...
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