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Can I Feed Bones To My Dog?

Dogs and bones seemingly go together like peanut butter and jelly; but, are bones really a healthy snack for our dogs?  A growing number of veterinarians are warning pet owners to avoid giving their pets bones as treats due to the potentially harmful implications they have for sensitive digestive tracts.  Listed below are the many types of bones available to dogs and whether or not they are safe. Cooked Bones Cooked bones, particularly poultry bones, are never recommended for a dog because they become brittle during the cooking process, leading to an increased chance of splintering.  Bone fragments cause numerous issues for dogs, including abrasions in the mouth and throat, vomiting, intestinal obstruction, constipation, diarrhea, and perforations in the intestinal tract, which can be deadly.   Rawhide Bones A common treat for a dog is the rawhide bone, which can be purchased at any pet store and is comprised of...
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