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How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

Puppies do many adorable things as they begin to grow and explore the world around them, from letting out their first bark to navigating stairs for the first time.  Young pups are able to get away with many bad habits when they small, mostly because they are not yet strong, big, or loud enough to cause any harm.  One common behavior of puppies is biting and nipping.  Although many owners may find this action cute in the beginning, if left unchecked there can be significant – and even dangerous – consequences.  Listed here is a guide intended to help you stop a puppy from biting. Why is my puppy biting? Many pet owners mistakenly believe that a puppy that is biting is destined to grow up to be an aggressive dog.  In reality, it is extremely rare for a puppy to be truly aggressive.  Instead, puppies use their mouths for...
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Puppy Biting: What Can I Do?

Puppies bite. In fact, sometimes we may even wonder whether we’ve adopted a baby crocodile instead of a dog. After a week with our new puppy, our hands are marked, our clothes are filled with wholes and our minds are desperate! Does this mean we’ve adopted an aggressive dog? Will he bite people in the future? The truth is, this is a perfectly normal behavior for puppies. Just like human babies, they discover the world with their mouths. Since their mouths are filled with tiny, pointy, sharp teeth, it hurts. If it didn’t hurt, they would miss the opportunity to learn an extremely important life lesson: bite inhibition. Imagine the following scenario: two young puppies are happily playing with each other. They nibble, mouth and bite each other. All of the sudden, one of the puppies enthusiastically bites his sister; she yells and moves away from him. The young puppy...
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