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13 Signs of Pain in Dogs

Pain is a very serious condition for dogs.  Not only does pain reduce a dog’s quality of life but it can also put others in danger, due to aggression.  Many dogs have high pain tolerances and instinctively do not show signs of pain.  Therefore, any obvious pain symptom should be taken very seriously.  In addition to noticeable pain there are subtle signs that pet owners can look for, both of which will be described here. Signs of Pain The signs your dog may be experiencing pain include: Change in Sleep Patterns Dogs that are painful tend to sleep more frequently throughout the day.  If your dog is suddenly less active, consider whether pain (such as arthritis) may be reason.  Additionally, a dog that is more restless throughout the night may also be suffering. Withdrawn Attitude Does your dog normally cuddle with you on the couch but suddenly spends most of...
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Adopting a New Dog: The First Two Weeks

The most crucial period of time after a dog is adopted is the first two weeks.  Dogs are most frequently returned to shelters or rescues in this duration due to new owners expecting too much, too soon.  The following is what to expect in the first couple weeks your new dog is home, and common difficulties that are encountered. Name Changing Many adopters change the name of their new pets.  While most dogs are quick to learn their new name, this process may still take 2 – 3 weeks.  While your dog is adjusting to the surroundings and the new moniker, have patience with your pet.  After all, how easy would it be for you if your family suddenly started calling you by a different name? Potty Training Even if your new pet is supposedly potty trained it may take time for your dog to acclimate to new expectations.  Make...
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I Want to Know More About… Dog Training

When I first started to get interested in dog training and dog behavior, I had no idea where I should look for information. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with people willing to give you advice on every sort of problem or topic relating to dogs. Their intentions are the best but sometimes they can do more harm than good. When it comes to dog training, the internet is flooded with myths and outdated information. TV shows shouldn’t be considered as a reliable source of information, as well. One of the most famous and well-known TV shows on dog training is actually promoting the use of dangerous, outdated and counterproductive methods, whilst misinforming people. So if we want to know more about this topic, what kind of sources should we rely on? Books – Books can be a rich and extremely useful source of information. If you choose the right authors,...
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