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13 Signs of Pain in Dogs

Pain is a very serious condition for dogs.  Not only does pain reduce a dog’s quality of life but it can also put others in danger, due to aggression.  Many dogs have high pain tolerances and instinctively do not show signs of pain.  Therefore, any obvious pain symptom should be taken very seriously.  In addition to noticeable pain there are subtle signs that pet owners can look for, both of which will be described here. Signs of Pain The signs your dog may be experiencing pain include: Change in Sleep Patterns Dogs that are painful tend to sleep more frequently throughout the day.  If your dog is suddenly less active, consider whether pain (such as arthritis) may be reason.  Additionally, a dog that is more restless throughout the night may also be suffering. Withdrawn Attitude Does your dog normally cuddle with you on the couch but suddenly spends most of...
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How to Prevent Aggression in Dogs

When you bring home a new puppy the last thing you consider is that he or she could become aggressive.  What many pet owners do not realize is that a dog is rarely genetically predisposed to aggression; rather, the actions of the owners can unwittingly lead to anti-social tendencies.  Listed here are ways to prevent aggression in your new dog. Socialization The most important way to prevent aggression is to properly socialize your pet.  Your dog should be introduced to as many new people, places, experiences, sights, sounds, smells, and animals as possible.  One cause of aggression is fear, and proper socialization helps dogs develop coping mechanisms for new and potentially scary situations.  Socialization should continue throughout your dog’s lifetime. Set Boundaries While dogs deserve to be spoiled by their humans, it is also important to set boundaries for how pets should interact with family members.  A dog whose every...
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