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6 Changes to Make with your Dog in 2020

A new year often spurs people to make significant changes in their own lives; but what about the lives of their pets?  Though 2020 is in full affect, consider the following in order to improve the life of your dog.  Sign Up for a Class Together Many pet owners wish they spent more quality time with pets while also wishing for better behavior and more socialization.  You can check all of these boxes by enrolling your dog in a training class.  Even if your dog has already mastered basic obedience, there are plenty of opportunities for teaching your pup new tricks.  For instance, introduction to Agility, Rally-O, or Canine Good Citizen training may all be appropriate for your dog. Learn to Make DIY Dog Treats More than half of household pets in the United States are obese, which leads to expensive health problems, decreased quality of life, and a shortened...
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