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Keeping Your Dog Flea Free

A large variety of products on today’s pet market can easily confuse any dog owner as to which is the best route to take to keep their canine companion free of those pesky fleas and ticks.  There are just as many different options and opinions as there are products as you will find if you ask other pet owners, veterinarians, trainers, pet store employees as well as your friends and neighbors.  The method you choose should depend on your dog, your comfort level, and of course your ability to pay for it!  Not all dogs can have the same preventative plan, some are held back due to their health and age, others due to their breed! You must make the right choice that fit your dog. Spot On Options The spot on flea and tick preventative is a oily mixture of pesticides and other ingredients that you put on your...
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Puppies and Worms: A Not So Uncommon Occurrence

If you have adopted your puppy from a shelter, or purchased one through a breeder, you will notice that one of the “selling points” is that he or she has been “dewormed”. Now, if you have a puppy that did not go through any medical care before you, then you may be shocked to learn that your puppy has worms. Even if you cannot see them or if your puppy seems healthy, he or she has worms. All puppies do because they are born with them. There are at least 2 common worms that are congenital and passed from mother to pup. Other types of worms come from fleas, soil, water and plants. Facts about worms: •    Your puppy having worms does not mean he or she is a “lemon”. •    All worms are very hard to detect, and usually need to be seen microscopically before they can be diagnosed....
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