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Is a Labrador Retriever Right for You?

Labrador Retrievers have consistently been the most popular dog breed in the world for the past 30 years.  In the United States alone, the Labrador Retriever has been the most-registered dog for 25 consecutive years.  Is this popular breed right for you? Temperament Perhaps the biggest reason that Labrador Retrievers are so popular is their temperament.  Labs are patient, fun-loving, energetic, good with children, and obedient.  Labrador Retrievers are also friendly and outgoing, making them great pets for families. Size, Coloring, and Upkeep Labrador Retrievers are large dogs, with males weighing 65 -80 lbs, and females reaching 55 – 70 lbs.  Potential lab owners should know that scientists have recently found a genetic link for obesity in this breed, proving that labs are prone to overeating and weight gain.  When obese, these dogs can easily weigh over 100 lbs. Labs can be registered in one of three colors:  yellow, black,...
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Is A Beagle Right For You?

Are you considering whether a beagle is right for you and your family?  Before bringing home a new pet you should understand any quirks the breed might have, and whether you and the dog would a good match.  Common beagle traits are discussed below. Temperament Beagles are known for their kind, fun loving, and trusting temperament.  They are excellent family dogs that are equally suited to cuddling on the couch and playing in the yard.  Although beagles are poor guard dogs due to their easy going nature, their tendency to bark or howl when excited makes them excellent watch dogs. Size As medium –sized dogs beagles top out at 13 – 16 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing 25 lbs for males and 23 lbs for females.  Pocket beagles are even smaller, standing less than 13 inches tall and typically weighing 15 – 18 lbs. Other Pets? While beagles get...
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Breed-Specific Legislation: Pet Owners and BSL

  With the Montreal pit bull ban making national news in the United States, owners of pit bulls and other “bully” breeds should be made aware of the existing laws within the US. What is BSL? Breed-specific legislation legally allows a city to ban or restrict dog breeds that are considered “dangerous,” based solely on their looks.  For example, a municipality may place a ban on a specific breed, typically Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rotweilers, and Wolf hybrids.  With a ban in place, existing dogs from the banned breed are heavily restricted, often requiring muzzles in public, steep licensing fees, and the purchase of additional liability insurance.  Any new dogs that come into the community of the banned breed must be euthanized when these bans are in place.  In other instances, BSL may simply be in the form of restrictions, where owners wishing to own a dog on the banned breed...
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