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Deer Antlers and Dogs: Why You Should Give Your Dog Deer or Elk Antlers to Chew

Most dogs like to chew. Some dogs are hard-core chewers and never recover from the puppy stage chewing. Chew toys come in many sizes, textures and shapes. But most of these, including rawhide chews offer no nutritional value. They may be entertaining, but there are better options you can give your dog for the same price. Of course, these are general statements and one should consult their vet if they are concerned about any conflicts with medications or conditions. Long lasting: Provided you purchase deer or elk antlers which have not been split, but are whole, deer antlers last much longer than traditional rawhide chews or bully sticks. But this does not mean you can let your dog run wild with an antler chew. No dog should be allowed to chew more than a half-inch or so per day. Antlers are a rich protein and too much all at once...
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Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Treats for Your Dog

There are two things which are concerning about dog treats. One is the list of ingredients. Of the entire list, about 3 to 4 are “real”; the rest are additives. Blick. The second is the fact that so many pet treats seem to be recalled for serious and fatal reasons. The last thing any of us need is to worry whether or not the treats we give our dogs will turn out to be a treatment! So, the solution is to make treats at home. Not only are they super easy, but they are healthy and inexpensive. Plus, your dog is likely the easiest person to cook for! Peanut butter is a favorite flavor and it is good for dogs. Peanut butter is filled with good fats, vitamin E and the B vitamins. Each of these lead to a healthy shiny coat, healthy joints and the list goes on and...
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