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Review: Citronella Spray Bark Collars; Are They Worth It?

Almost any correctional collar is always dismissed by any trainer worth their salt. However, the majority of dog owners, almost all of them in fact, are not dog trainers.  Excessive barking can pose a great problem beyond simple annoyance.  A dog who barks at every little sound may end up in a shelter after neighbors complain or even deemed aggressive due to the barking out windows or even on walks if he reacts to other people or dogs.  Keep in mind that nearly all correctional collars pose far more harm to a dog than good if not used right, but what about the citronella spray collars? A citronella spray bark collar, such as those made by Innotek and PetSafe, offer a quick and immediate negative reinforcer when a dog barks – it sprays the dog in the face with a potent, but safe spray of citronella. The collar, when combined...
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Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe Review

Products that eliminate or reduce the amount of tension and pulling a dog puts on his leash has been a hot topic for many trainers and in high demand for pet owners. The ability of being able to walk your dog without that feeling of your arm being pulled out of the socket would be a miracle all on its own.  An incredibly wide variety of these products exist on the market from head halters like you would expect a horse to wear to painful prong or shock collars for correction when a dog does pull. Not all items work for every dog, but some simply don’t work at all. At least not without the aid of training.  Ideally, each one of these would only be used as a tool to train your dog in loose leash walking, but what about those times in which your dog simply needs exercise...
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